Contractor Payroll, Engagement and Compliance

ClearPath's contractor management solutions enable companies to efficiently and cost-effectively engage, pay and manage the talent they need while mitigating the risks and outsourcing the administration associated with contingent workers.

Contractor payroll

Our Employer of Record and Agent of Record programs allow you to compliantly engage and pay your pre-identified contract workers as Independent Contractors, 1099 workers or W-2's of ClearPath...

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Contingent labor risk mitigation

From wage and hour regulations to 1099 compliance, our experience and expertise in protecting companies from potential contractor compliance risk is unparalleled. Learn more about our unique Compliance Firewall that permeates all our programs...

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Independent Contractor compliance

ClearIC is the industry’s most comprehensive Independent Contractor evaluation service. Our web-based program is designed to determine if a worker should be engaged as an Independent Contractor versus employee, and protect companies from the risks of 1099 misclassification...

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